What is an energy session?

I begin by asking for a short general history. The consent form I ask people to sign provides a better understanding of energy psychology.

Then, using energy medicine methods, I conduct an energy assessment through energy checking (also known as muscle testing). We may spend time talking but I always combine any discussions with energy techniques that can transform energy blocks. I also carry out an energy balance, which works on the meridians, neurovasculars, accupressure points, and neurolymphatic points, as well as the biofield. Note that the energy balance is carried out on a massage table; for this reason I recommend wearing comfortable clothing for the session.

Starting with the first visit, I like to introduce people to some energy and/or emotional exercises and explorations that are fundamental to making shifts in the energy field and that they can do by themselves between sessions. Sometimes, of course, a person will arrive in a state of distress, in which case we'll work on the most urgent needs.

Appointments are scheduled for two hours. For people who come to work with me from Toronto, Montreal or the United States, we will plan partial or whole day sessions.

Someone who is interested in transforming many areas of his or her life might choose to see me on a weekly basis. A person dealing with an intense issue might come in twice a week, while someone in crisis may opt for several sessions in a shorter time period. Another person may come for a single session in order to make one shift fulfilling a specific need, and then book further sessions as needed. Some find the energy work (on the table) is sufficient, as it relieves stress so completely. We follow each person's energy and what it needs.

I'd be happy to answer any questions about the energy sessions I offer. Please feel free to phone me at my energy studio: 613-730-0411